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Bonjour, hi!
I'm Naomie, an editorial portrait photographer and industrial designer based in Montreal, Quebec.

Here's a little bit about myself: I've always been a creative person. My parents are boat people who immigrated to Canada from Vietnam in the 1970's. They tried the best that they could to give me every opportunity they didn't get and signed me up to a ton of random skill classes (from maths to painting!) when I was younger.

Like a good child of Asian immigrants, I tried to overachieve my way through high school to someday become a pharmacist (I know...very stereotypical). In the process, I put too much pressure on myself and lost sight of my mental and physical health (take care of yourselves!). After that, I had to redirect my whole life's purpose. Since then, my natural love for the arts and my fear of ever being useless and unemployable helped push me to be the multidisciplinary creative human that I've become. I've been learning as many skills and collecting as many tools (for my mental toolbox) as I can in order to help as many people possible in their projects (no matter what and how big or small they are!).

Now, with background in Digital Arts and my Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design, as well as my countless hours spent on photography, video editing, 3D modelling, 3D rendering, etc... I'm ready to be at your service!

Creative Direction
Graphic design
Product design
Design Research
Video Editing
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